About Us

Business Research News is your one-stop portal for all things market-research related. This news site was developed by The Business Research Company to gather all information relating to specific industries in one place. Our news site covers everything from market growth, latest trends, market drivers and restraints, to key competitive player profiles and mergers and acquisitions.

We cover more than 2400 markets in our news articles, spanning over a range of industries. Be it chemicals, agriculture, financial services, recreation, or oil and gas- whatever your market information needs may be, we have got you covered.

Our blog posts help readers understand the historic, current and forecast market scenarios with the help of information such as historic and forecast market drivers, market restraints, and industry trends. We give a market analysis based on market data, curated by our research experts who specialize in different industries. The blogs are summarized and provide an overview of the market, supported by statistical data modelled by our research team.

Author Profiles

Maureen Guirdham

Editorial Director

Maureen Guirdham is the former Director of the MBA programme at City University, UK, and Head of the School of Business/Director of the London Management Centre at Westminster University, UK. She is the author of several leading texts in the field of interpersonal work communication.

David Morgan

Technology Consultant

David Morgan has eight years of experience in research and analysis and has worked with some prominent market intelligence firms. His job roles involved data and trend analysis, market modelling, and report writing across industries. He has a bachelor’s degree in technology and a postgraduate degree in management from IMI Belgium. David is a foodie, and likes to read books.

James Hernandez

Healthcare and Biotechnology Consultant

James Hernandez has 12 years research experience in Biotechnology. He extensively worked with such companies/institutions as Ernst and Young (EY), and Du Pont. James holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Biotechnology and Certification in Clinical Research. In 2006 he took an advance course in Bioinformatics. His interests lie in reading about cutting edge technologies for the life sciences. He also likes travelling and volunteering for social and community activities.

Gary Foster

FMCG Consultant

Gary Foster has more than eight years of experience in market research, data analytics, data modelling and report writing. He has worked on all the major consumer industries including retail, food services and CPG. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a postgraduate degree in management. He is interested in gardening, cooking, reading books and going to the gym.