Death – Obituary News : Rugby legend Malcolm Price dies at 86.

By | January 8, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: Welsh Rugby League Mourns the Loss of Dual Code International Malcolm Price at Age 86

In a heartfelt tribute, the Wales Rugby League community is mourning the loss of esteemed dual code international centre, Malcolm Price, who passed away at the age of 86. Price’s contribution to the sport will forever be remembered, as he leaves behind a lasting legacy that has touched the hearts of fans and players alike.

Price, who represented both rugby league and rugby union during his illustrious career, was a true icon of the game. His exceptional skills on the field and unwavering commitment to his team made him a force to be reckoned with. From his early days in the sport to his later years, Price’s dedication and passion for rugby were evident in every match he played.

The news of Price’s passing has sent shockwaves throughout the rugby community, with tributes pouring in from teams and fans alike. The Roughyeds, Rochdale Hornets, and Salford Devils, amongst others, have expressed their condolences and shared their memories of Price on social media.

The Wales Rugby League, in a statement released today, described Price as a true legend of the game. His impact on the sport in Wales and beyond cannot be overstated. Price’s exceptional talent and sportsmanship earned him the respect and admiration of his teammates and opponents alike.

Price’s dual code career began in the 1950s, when he represented Wales in rugby union. His performances on the field caught the attention of rugby league scouts, and he soon made the transition to the 13-man code. Price’s agility, speed, and ability to read the game made him a formidable opponent for any team he faced.

During his rugby league career, Price represented various clubs, including the Roughyeds, Rochdale Hornets, and Salford Devils. His presence on the field was a game-changer, as he consistently delivered top-notch performances that inspired his teammates and thrilled fans. Price’s ability to score tries and create opportunities for his team made him a key player in every match.

Off the field, Price was known for his humility and dedication to the sport. He was always willing to share his knowledge and experience with younger players, serving as a mentor figure to many aspiring rugby league stars. Price’s commitment to the development of the game extended beyond his playing days, as he continued to support and promote rugby at all levels.

Price’s impact on Welsh rugby cannot be underestimated. He played a crucial role in raising the profile of the sport in Wales and inspiring future generations of players. His dedication to the game and his unwavering passion for his country made him a beloved figure amongst Welsh rugby fans.

As news of Price’s passing spreads, tributes continue to pour in from fans and players from all over the world. His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of those who had the privilege of watching him play. Price’s contributions to the sport will forever be remembered, and his name will be etched in the annals of rugby history.

The Wales Rugby League has announced plans to honor Price’s memory with a special tribute match. This event will bring together former teammates, friends, and fans to celebrate Price’s life and his immense contributions to the sport. Details of the tribute match will be announced in the coming weeks.

The loss of Malcolm Price is a significant blow to the rugby community, but his spirit and legacy will continue to inspire both current and future players. As the rugby world mourns his passing, it is a reminder of the profound impact one individual can have on a sport and a nation. Malcolm Price will always be remembered as a true legend of Welsh rugby.
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